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Book two in the Matthew Turner series. 1st Edition - October 30 2012

Matt Turner grew up witnessing first-hand the worst crimes imaginable. At age 9, he discovered his special ability to “read” the emotional imprints people leave on objects. Against better judgment, his police detective father used his son’s talent to help him solve crimes.
   Now, at 26, Matt tries to keep to himself, but an enemy he thought long gone interrupts his tropical vacation, flying him all over the globe to help track a 3500-year-old Egyptian opal found sealed in a Cuban tree trunk. In Cuba, Matt finds not riches but even deadlier foes, and the secrets of a long-dead explorer who will forever alter Matt’s life.


"Michael Siemsen scores again with this new sequel to The Dig"


“If you liked The Dig, you should definitely read The Opal and then keep your fingers crossed for a third book in the series."


“I was pleasantly surprised with an unexpected ending and new development in the main characters. Looking forward to the 3rd in this series."


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